Refugee Resettlement Watch: European Invaders 75% men, 49% Non-Syrian
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The incomparable Refugee Resettlement Watch has just posted a crucial factoid: UNHCR data confirms it: 75% of the so-called refugees arriving in Europe are MEN
We mentioned recently that it appears from some photos that the invaders of Europe are mostly fighting age young men.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees does not tell us their ages, but does tell us that 75% are men. (Germans hide your daughters!)

Only 51% are Syrians, the rest are from all over the Middle East and Africa.

So, did the men abandon their women and children back home (in an unsafe country)?  What sort of men are these?

See the numbers from the horse’s mouth, here.  Hat tip: Mark

For our archive on the ‘Invasion of Europe’ going back several years, click here.

Yesterday The Irish Savant noted in Oh Lord, the irony that the drowned little Kurdish little boy story coming apart at the seams like a cheap suit. the inherent absurdity of the Cathedral's Narrative quickly becomes obvious.  First he was living safely in Turkey, had a flat provided by the Government, was employed and had several thousand Euro in cash.  But "I was hoping to provide a better life for my children". And not for himself, we're left to infer. So what did he do? Hired a rickety boat, packed his family onto it without life-jackets, and when it capsized saved himself while his family drowned.
What is happening in the summer of 2015 is quite simply that an army of young Middle Eastern and African men have realized that Europe’s political leaders lack the will and courage to defend their people. So they have invaded.

As Enoch Powell said in his great speech

It is like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre.
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