"Rebel Without A Green Card"—NPR Glorifies Importing Inbred Illegals From Iran(!)
March 30, 2018, 12:16 PM
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PR's Fresh Air just aired this. 'Americanized' Recounts What It's Like To Grow Up Undocumented [March 28, 2018] Don't listen to it if you have high blood pressure. It really made me angry. It’s an interview with the Iranian-born author of Americanized: Rebel Without A Green Card [Excerpt ]

What angered me the most is interviewee Sara Saedi’s  attitude that she was somehow put-upon because she and her family were breaking US immigration law and the US didn't automatically grant them citizenship. Another thing that irked me is that the interviewer Terry Gross didn't ask some obvious questions, for example:

  • "Did you ever feel guilty breaking the law?”
  • “Should ANY country have immigration laws?”
  • “Is the US somehow different in that respect?”
  • “What would the US become if it simply let anyone be a legal resident who managed to set foot on its shores?”
  • “Do you think it's good public policy to grant citizenship to unpatriotic and ungrateful people?”
Saedi’s  also mentions she comes from inbred lineage —her grandmother had three children with her first cousin and then five children with her husband's nephew (after divorcing to be fair). No follow-up question about this incest.

This is a big issue that I never see tackled by the MSM. What is the impact of all this incest in the Middle East and its special relevance to Western countries that base immigration on chain migration? I mean, we're in this situation where U.S. immigration policy is de facto encouraging inbreeding. I wonder if there's some morals clause in immigration law that needs to be dusted off and used, like the unused "public charge" clause.