Rapes Exacerbate Simmering South African Illegal Immigration Crisis
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South Africa and Zimbabwe have not fared well after what Ian Smith called ”The Great Betrayal,” the destruction of two Western countries in a misguided attempt to win the loyalty of Third Worlders during the Cold War. Of course, this did no good. South Africa isn’t even a reliable ally to the Global American Empire (GAE) in the Russian-Ukrainian fight [South Africa’s Ramaphosa blames NATO for Russia’s war in Ukraineby Tim Cocks, Reuters, March 18, 2022]. The truth of the late Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, her misguided decolonization efforts, can be seen in the mess the area has become today. 

However, we don’t need to talk about the utter barbarism the South African government has unleashed against whites. Consider what some might call yet another example of black-on-black crime. Illegal immigrants, mostly from Zimbabwe, are flooding into South Africa. The locals do not like this influx and the arguments that you hear in Pretoria aren’t much different than what you’d hear in Peoria

South Africa—the continent’s most industrialised country—is buckling under a wave of illegal migration triggered by economic woes in its neighbours. Many come from Malawi, Lesotho, but the majority are from Zimbabwe.

Lately police have scaled up crime-busting stop-and-search operations, including weeding out undocumented migrants.

One such early morning blitz was launched this week in Springs, a district at the eastern end of the largest city of Johannesburg.

Several dozen police officers mounted a check point on a narrow road, stopped cars and buses, meticulously searching boots and ordering occupants out, demanding identification documents...

The huge influx of foreigners has irked many South Africans who accuse them of taking their jobs and placing undue pressure on public facilities.

Recently an anti-immigration group of activists picketed outside a public hospital west of Pretoria—blocking patients they suspected were foreigners, accusing them of putting the public health sector under strain.

[Fear grips undocumented foreign workers in South Africa, France24,September 23, 2022]

Amazing how South African police can do what the supposedly powerful American government cannot. Of course, the same article notes that some South African police accept bribes to keep illegals in the country. 

The African National Congress, which has ruled South Africa essentially unchallenged since the country ceased to be part of Western Civilization, is now facing ruin. ”The economy is shrinking, power cuts are at a record, unemployment is close to an all-time high, living costs have surged, towns are falling apart and there are sporadic outbreaks of xenophobic violence,” noted Bloomberg [Crisis in South Africa Shakes Up Politics Before Party Electionby Michael Cohen and S’thembile Cele, October 26, 2022].

The immigration issue is simmering in the background of all South African politics. Now, a new case may bring it to the front. 

Women’s rights groups in South Africa have voiced their outrage and criticised police after charges were dropped against 14 men accused of gang raping and robbing female members of a film crew at an abandoned mine in Krugersdorp, west of Johannesburg.

State prosecutors said there was insufficient evidence against the men to proceed with the case.

The men, believed to be illegal miners, were arrested during a police raid at the mine after at least eight women were attacked and raped while filming a music video in July.

Reports of the rapes sparked violent protests in townships around Krugersdorp as community members accused the small-scale miners working in the abandoned mine shafts of the crimes.

The protesters descended on the abandoned mines, blocking the holes the miners used to go underground and burning their makeshift tents and belongings. Miners were apprehended, assaulted and handed to the police.

[Outrage in South Africa as charges dropped in gang rape caseThe Guardian, October 27, 2022]

It’s because blacks are being victimized here that we have The Guardian sympathetically covering the rage of a community which feels itself under attack.

If this were white Europeans attacking illegal immigrants of another race, it would be heralded as the end of the world. 

Yet the focus shouldn’t be just pointing out more tiresome double standards. South Africans, of whatever race, have a right to the best life that their government can provide for them. Foreigners do not have the right to invade and seize their resources. The nation-state matters and citizens are right to defend it. In this case, we see that the immigration battle can’t simply be avoided, even when race is not a consideration. 

Even if all human groups performed at exactly equal capabilities, mass immigration of foreigners in and of itself would still be a bad thing.

It leads to cheap labor, exploited workers, and unnecessary social tensions even between groups of the same race.

Mass immigration leads to a global race to the bottom.

I suspect that may be one reason why our rulers support it. 

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