Rainbow Coalition Falling Apart: Chinese Americans Rally Against "Black Lives Matter" In Wrongful Prosecution Of Peter Liang
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The inevitable is happening; the Rainbow Coalition, always a myth anyway, and based solely on hating whitey, is falling apart. It’s inevitable since high IQ and high achieving Asians, especially Chinese, have no common interests with low IQ and low achieving blacks. Even more so since blacks are waging a race war on Asians, especially Chinese.

My blog has long documented this race war (which most white and Asian Democrats deny) even though the war is being waged in Democrat cities. Additionally, there is a non-violent war on Asians is being waged especially in university admissions, all to benefit blacks and Hispanics.

But nothing has captured the attention of Asians so much, and brought them into the streets, as the persecution of Officer Peter Liang, who was involved in a shooting in New York City. He accidentally shot a suspicious black man lurking in the stairwell of a high crime welfare housing project. The shooting was clearly accidental, but as in the case of a white police officer, Johannes Mehserle, who accidentally shot the thug Oscar Grant, a ceremonial victim must be produced for the wailing mobs of black thugs.

However, Chinese-Americans and Chinese immigrants appear to not take this lying down. Undoubtedly they are maddened by the previous shooting by a black terrorist thug motivated by #BlackLivesMatter terrorists, the murder of Wenjian Liu.

10,000 rally in New York to support former Chinese American cop Peter Liang, Asia Times, February 20, 2016

Nearly 10,000 protesters — most of them outraged Asian Americans — rallied in Brooklyn Saturday in support of former NYPD Officer Peter Liang, charging the rookie cop was a scapegoat for critics of police brutality and was wrongly prosecuted for a tragic accident.

The protesters, many waving American flags, are carrying signs that say things like, “No selective jury,” and placards displaying Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous quote, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

They are also handing out petitions demanding a judge “set aside the illogical verdict handed down by the jury” or sentence the convicted cop to probation only.

Liang, 28, faces as much as 5 to 15 years in prison after he was convicted Feb. 11 on manslaughter and official-misconduct charges for the November 2014 shooting of 28-year-old Akai Gurley in a stairwell of the Louis Pink Houses in East New York. Liang fired his weapon while conducting a vertical patrol in the darkened stairwell. The bullet ricocheted off a cinder-block wall and fatally struck the unarmed Gurley in the chest.

#BlackLivesMatters types have been braying for Liang's head, and they got what they want. However, it appears that blacks chose the wrong victim, an alleged member of their Rainbow Coalition.  This is similar to the attacks on the innocent Hispanic State Trooper in Texas, Brian T. Encinia, who was charged and fired for arresting the crazy and suicidal Sandra Bland only because Bland was black.

Blacks seen intent on attacking their fellow Rainbow Coalition members.  The low intelligence of blacks keeps them from realizing that Asians and Hispanics outnumber them and are higher achievers.  Probably the same reason black politicians vote for more and more immigration, but are intent on attacking those same people.

The good news is that Asians are realizing that they are the targets of black crime and racism, but more importantly, their racial interests intersect with whites, not blacks. Is there hope for an Ice People coalition? One hopes.

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