We Won't Have ¡Jeb¡ to Kick Around Anymore—But What About George P?
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georgepbushleadsthepledgeofallegianceIt’s been fun.

Back in January 2004 on VDARE.com, I argued that the Bush immigration policy made the most sense as part of the Bush Dynasty’s strategy to elect a new people to eventually elect Jeb’s mestizo son George P. Bush (pictured right) as President.

In 2004, I simply assumed that it was absurd to think that Jeb, rather than Jeb’s son, could be elected President.

But the Smart Money knew better in 2015, so they massively funded Jeb.

Then, it turned out it was absurd for Jeb to run for the Republican nomination.

I wonder if Jeb’s 2016 run has permanently wrecked his son’s chances?

Update: Matthew Yglesias tweets:

Can't load tweet https://twitter.com/mattyglesias/status/701236393159294977: Sorry, that page does not exist

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