Radio Show Host Fired For Derogatory (True) Comments
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His name is John DePetro and up until a few days ago he was the host of a morning talk show in Boston.

WRKO-AM fired DePetro after remarks he made about certain gubernatorial candidates in Massachusettes—specifically one Green Party candidate named Grace Ross.

Apparently Depetro was aggrivated about Ross hogging all the time during a recent debate and told his listeners that:

"he wished someone would 'tell the fat lesbian to shut up.' "

Jason Wolfe (email him here...scroll down for the form) is Vice President of programming for WRKO and had this response:

"In the context of what he said and the tone with which he said it, the comments were completely inappropriate, derogatory and will not be tolerated."

Ross (who is openly gay) laughed when she first heard the "fat lesbian" comment but still found it offensive.

DePetro is shocked that he was fired.

I am more or less...confused.

Ross is gay and fat...neither party disputes these facts but apparently saying it outloud is bad, bad, bad!

Homosexuals want people to look upon and treat them just like everybody else, right? Their sexual preference is supposed to be a non-issue...something less than insignificant and not at all bad, immoral or indecent.

So why is calling someone a lesbian bad? Why is pointing out what she openly admits, bad? If homosexuality is a-ok, why is calling someone a homo a "derogatory" comment and "completely inappropriate"?

Or was it the "fat" part...?

I can see it now—a new civil rights mantra: One may not be discrminated against based on race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation or size...gee whiz, what's next? Hair color?

He called me a...ooh I can't even bring myself to say's too awful...he called me a, a brunette! I'm so offended by such a derogatory remark!

Story here.

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