Mexico's Delusions of Civilization
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Lame-duck el Presidente Fox is on the way out, so he feels free to agree with the common Mexican view of superiority to Americans, as well as express a thinly veiled hostility. Such friendly neighbors we have, and so astute! [Mexico's love-hate relationship with the U.S., Houston Chronicle 11/2/06]

"We are already a step ahead, having been born in Mexico. Imagine being born in the United States, oof!" Fox said Tuesday with a chuckle, according to the Associated Press, after a remark that Mexicans should be thankful for their heritage.

Being a Mexican is doubtless a swell lifestyle for members of its elite class like Presidente Fox. They "live like maharajas" in ostentatious wealth according to scholar George Grayson.

Still, it is amazing that Fox would brag on the superiority of his third-world sewer while Mexico is devolving daily into narco-anarchy, plus fighting a continuing rebellion in Oaxaca. Not only that, Mexico is sexist, increasingly violent, world famous for corruption and uneducated in typical banana republic style.

Meanwhile, Mexican officials (like Enrique Berruga, Mexico's United Nations ambassador quoted below) are planning for Uncle Sucker to bail out their riff-raff country through the North American Union boondoggle. Funny how all Mexican solutions to their problems involve mass quantities of American taxpayer dollars [Mexican diplomat urges a partnership, San Antonio Express 10/31/06].

U.S.-Mexico relations could remain paralyzed unless leaders of the two nations and Canada formalize a North American partnership — akin to the European Union — before the U.S. baby boomer retirement wave hits in the next eight years, a ranking Mexican diplomat said here Tuesday. [...]

Instead of putting up fences or walls, U.S. policy would be better served by investing more in Mexico so the country can do a better job of standing on its own, keeping its work force employed instead of watching it flee north, he said.

"We will be together forever and we need to make the best out of it," Berruga said.

Not if the friends of American sovereignty have anything to do with it.

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