Radio Derb Transcript Up For March 15: Radio Derb: Killings In Christchurch, College Scandals, And Irish Brexit, Etc.
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The latest Radio Derb transcript is up, go here to read or listen:


01m56s  Modern Irish manners.  (The Taoiseach comes calling.)

05m33s  Brexit and a border.  (Ireland's British problem.)

14m05s  Waiting for Cortés.  (Audacity, imagination, impertinence.)

19m22s  The killings in Christchurch.  (Filial reflections.)

23m52s  What kind of elite do we want?  (The Edbiz follies.)

32m17s  Dual citizenship reconsidered.  (Only slightly.)

34m40s  Kevin MacDonald down the memory hole.  (Where is the Justice Department?)

37m55s  The real reason for endless immigration?  (Stefan Molyneux's hypothesis.)

39m49s  Signoff.  (Happy birthday, Ma'am.)

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