Radio Derb Transcript Up For March 8: Every Open-Borders Word Is A Lie, Ilhan Omar, Ireland's Downfall, And Tibetan Independence, Etc.
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The latest Radio Derb transcript is up, go here to read or listen:


01m28s  Trump shafts American workers. (Between Ivanka and Tim Cook.)

10m20s  Every open-borders word is a lie. (Including "and" and "the.")

16m23s  One cheer for Ilhan Omar. (Breaking dumb taboos.)

23m16s  Squaring the Muslim-Jewish circle. (House votes against evil.)

29m43s  Ireland's amazing transformation. (Land of Saints and Scholars now woke.)

31m48s  Tibetan National Uprising Day. (Some butter in your tea?)

33m57s  China's "parliament" meets. (More fraught than usual.)

36m03s  The last pair of bound feet? (Goodbye to the three-inch golden lotus.)

37m39s  Signoff. ("Dadbarrassment"? Wha?)

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