Epoch Times: "Sailer Rides Again"
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Earlier (2005) Racial Reality And The New Orleans Nightmare

From Epoch Times:

How Anti-White Discrimination Became a Conservative Issue

The conversation has shifted since the Supreme Court decision on race-based admissions.

By Nathan Worcester

… Sailer Rides Again

Mr. Hanania survived cancellation, at least from the right.
But two decades ago, another provocative, statistically literate star of the conservative media world had a very different experience.

Steve Sailer once wrote for relatively mainstream outlets, including National Review.

While his controversial writing on race, crime, and genetics was always a hard sell to the establishment, he wasn’t kicked out of the conservative media’s version of polite society until 2005, after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. He opined that the city’s motto, “Let the good times roll,” was an “especially risky message” for poorly educated African Americans in the city.

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Pundit John Podhoretz, one of the staunchest defenders of the Iraq War, led the charge against Mr. Sailer’s article, which also excoriated then-President George W. Bush. Coolness to Mr. Sailer from the neoconservative elite deepened into a glacial freeze.
Nevertheless, he persisted. Mr. Sailer continued writing for various publications, including Taki’s Mag. He also emerged as a prolific poster on X, frequently responding to liberal wonk Matt Yglesias.

“The rehabilitation of Steve Sailer is a very interesting and important phenomenon,” University of Pennsylvania Law Professor Amy Wax told The Epoch Times.

Ms. Wax recalled a meal in Washington with The American Conservative’s senior editor, Helen Andrews, soon after Ms. Andrews was named to that role. Ms. Wax said she encouraged Ms. Andrews to lead the charge in bringing back Mr. Sailer and another canceled conservative writer, John Derbyshire. Ms. Andrews corroborated Ms. Wax’s recollection.

Ms. Andrews’ March 2023 article on Mr. Sailer for Compact Magazine helped initiate his rehabilitation.

“Everybody reads him. Stories that Sailer broke can be traced like blue dye as they seep through the rest of the media,” she wrote.

In October 2023, for the first time in about a decade, the American Conservative published an article by Mr. Sailer.

And Passage Press has issued a compendium of the author’s greatest hits, “Noticing,” complete with a blurb from Mr. Carlson: “If the meritocracy were real, Steve Sailer would be one of the most famous writers in the world.”

Mr. Sailer has been on tour this spring promoting the book at high-dollar private “salon events” across America. He’s also appeared on various podcasts, including Mr. Kirk’s.

“I think progressive excess after George Floyd and BLM [Black Lives Matter]—attributing every group difference to white supremacy, along with zealous enforcement of these radical ideas—has left people searching for alternative explanations on matters of race. Steve offers these alternatives and does so in a way that is easy to digest, empirically rigorous, and has strong predictive power,” said “Lomez,” a pseudonymous X user behind Passage Press.

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