Radio Derb Transcript Posted: A Listener Defends President Fillmore
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The transcript of last weekend’s Radio Derb is now archived on my website.

A listener has leapt to the defense of Millard Fillmore, who is the subject of one of the Radio Derb segments.  He emails:

I would like to openly defend President Fillmore if I might. His signing of the Compromise of 1850 was done to save lives and preserve the Union. When the compromise broke up (something he couldn’t have predicted) it had provided the North with eleven more years of industrial development and population expansion with which they won the Civil War and eliminated slavery! In 1850 the matchup would have been much closer and the fight a closer run thing!

Maybe these malcontents should try thinking!

Ah, Sir:  as I have noted before, thinking is much harder work than feeling, and much less fun.



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