Hell Freezes: NRO Writer Endorses Boer Ethnostate!
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It will take a while to clean off all the coffee I just spit all over my monitor.
Four thousand white farmers have already been killed, according to The Times of London. Maybe the British will help, or the Dutch. In the meantime, endangered South Africans might try this:

They could take advantage of their geography and set up a Singapore-style city-state. With foreign investment, they could purchase a city-sized portion of coastal land and assert independence from the national government. First they’ll want to hire some sympathetic military as a temporary security force. They can set up a low-tax, low-interference economic zone that can compete with Durban for its tremendously large volume of shipping traffic. As South Africa has fallen apart, Durban has slipped off the list of the world’s 50 largest container ports. But whatever happens to South Africa, the south of Africa will remain a vital point in world shipping. In fact, it’s only going to become vital-er, as trade between Brazil and Asia increases. Singapore, at the tip of the Malay Peninsula, built itself as a site of entrepôt trade — exporting imports. It has parlayed that into one of the world’s most advanced economies, a global center of innovation and free enterprise.

A new South African city-state could join Singapore and Hong Kong as centers of trade and investment — starting with the investment that would be necessary to build a brand new city-state out of thin air. But one has only to look at Abu Dhabi, Dubai, or any number of Chinese cities to see how fast a city can be built with some will and capital. A South African enclave could attempt its own “Taiwan miracle.”

And as this new city-state developed, it would necessarily boost the surrounding economy, and provide jobs for tens of thousands. It might be a fantastical idea. But it might be able to help South Africa back from the brink.

And, like Singapore, it could develop a serious self-defense force, modeled, like Singapore’s, on the Israel Defense Forces. So, if necessary, it could help prevent a genocide. As a bonus.

[The End of South Africaby Josh Gelernter, National Review, February 7, 2015. Emphasis added!!]

Gelertner's article accepts the premise of White Genocide, a concept heavily promoted on the Internet (usually in the comments sections) and endorses an ethnostate for the Boers.  It is soberly written, even dry.  This is no passionate call for freedom but a simple, practical analysis outlining policies that would materially help an oppressed population while not actually hurting anyone else.

Needless to say, I think Gelernter's only hope is that no one notices this article.

In some small sense, Afrikaners have actually already begun to build a home of their own.  The little town of Orania is an Afrikaners only settlement in South Africa that has been thriving in recent years.  Thus far however, the only media attention it has received are Western reporters who arrive to do hit pieces on the town and its residents.  As politics in South Africa grows more extreme, it will be instructive to see if the increasingly hysterical politicians try to pin their growing infrastructure problems on a white scapegoat.

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