Radio Derb Transcript Is Up: Cleveland Convention May Need Midwestern Mean
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The Radio Derb transcript is up (go here to read or listen) here's what I had to say about the convention last Friday:
Yes, folks, it’s politics, politics, politics the next few days. The fate of the Republic may hinge on events in Cleveland next week.

On this podcast I regularly rail and curse against the horrid soul-destroying blight of Midwestern nice. I continue to urge all you Hoosiers, Sooners, Buckeyes, Hawkeyes, Corn huskers, Wolverines, and the rest to cast aside your suicidal niceness when dealing with foreign moochers, cheap labor racketeers, anti-white agitators, and smiling agencies with churchly names seeking to dump bogus “refugees” on your towns and villages. Stop being nice to these parasites, con-men, and nation-killers!

However, I hope that the good people of Cleveland will be nice to our fellow Americans gathering in their city next week. The purpose of the gathering is to nominate as Republican Presidential candidate the first major-party candidate for decades to stand on the principle that the American government exists for the benefit of Americans. That’s a great and historic thing. Be nice to those making it happen!

And if people show up to stop it happening, re-sheath your niceness and give us a display of Midwestern mean.[More]

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