Radio Derb Transcript For December 23: Spending Our Money, Simping For Ukraine, Sailer Suspended, And A Monument To WHO? Etc.
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The Radio Derb Transcript is up for December 23, 2022—go here to read or listen.

03:03  The politics of exasperation.  (Incompetence and impotence.)

10:10  Spending our money.  (The Halls of Uselessness.)

16:55  Simpering for Ukraine.  (America’s Number One priority.)

21:50  Steve suspended.  (For tweeting hatefacts.)

28:05  Musk, me, and social media.  (Has Elon found his inner Derb?)

33:07  Monumental follies.  (One down, one up.)

40:49  Identical twins are kind of similar.  (Score one for the human sciences.)

42:37  Getting nosey about Ngozi’s charity. (Dubious finances? Surely not!)

44:29  Mysteries of nature.  (A hot-button issue.)

45:11 Signoff.  (With Alma Cogan.)

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