Radio Derb On The Air: Black Gang Attacks: What Are The Numbers?, Etc.
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Radio Derb is on the air: Go here to listen, here to download the MP3


04m03s — Black gang attacks: what are the numbers? (Keeping resentment alive.)

11m23s — wants our scalps. (Will Twitter dump us?)

18m20s — The Alt Right: a correction. (Refining definitions.)

23m13s — Puerto Rico: a modest proposal. (Constructive suggestions.)

30m45s — Guantánamo Bay, 15 years on. (The POW model doesn’t apply.)

37m41s — AI creeps forward. (But no robo-wars yet.)

43m53s — The endpoint of personal transportation. (Three dimensions beats one.)

46m04s — Blocking Jeff Sessions. (CultMarxists buckle on their armor.)

47m42s — Gladly the cross I bear. (With a trigger warning.)

49m50s — Signoff. (Golden oldies at New Year.)


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