NYT: Chicago Hate Crime Wasn't Anti-white or Anti-Trump, It Was Anti-intellectually-disabled
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It took the New York Times a little while to figure how to frame The Narrative regarding the video of black people abusing the white kid in Chicago, but now they’ve got it worked out.

From the New York Times news pages:

Beating of Disabled Teenager Highlights a Crime That Often Goes Unpunished


CHICAGO — The appalling video seized the nation’s attention this week: A group of young people kidnapped, bound, beat, slashed, gagged, humiliated and threatened to kill a teenager with mental disabilities over nearly three days, and laughed about it as they carried out their acts.

But by far, the most unusual thing about the episode, advocates for people with disabilities have said, was not the abuse itself, but the fact that it was recorded. Violence against people with disabilities is far more common than most people realize, advocates have said, and frequently goes undetected or is not taken seriously.

And from the opinion pages of the NYT:
The Opinion Pages | OP-ED CONTRIBUTOR

The Life of a Disabled Child, From Taunts to Hate Crimes


Since the days when my mother wouldn’t let my older brother go out to play stickball if I wasn’t with him, there’s been a lot of progress in attitudes toward those we now call developmentally or intellectually challenged. There’s mainstreaming them into public schools, the Special Olympics, TV shows like “Speechless,” Down syndrome children in clothing ads. There are group homes, not warehousing. There’s awareness that words can wound. I flinched when someone yelled “retard” at my brother, Jimmy. For some comedians, it was a laugh line. You don’t hear it much anymore.

And now a barbaric attack in Chicago on an intellectually disabled teenager is rightly being treated as a hate crime. Authorities cited the virulent racial epithets shouted by the four African-American attackers at their white victim, but also noted that they hurled insults about his developmental limitations as well.

His being different may be the main reason they chose him. The developmentally challenged so crave kindness they make inviting prey.

So, you have your marching orders, right? The video of blacks abusing a white kid has nothing to do with virulent prejudice against whites or Trump, it has to do with Society’s prejudice against the intellectually disabled minority.

Do you understand your mission?

As you know, it is a priori impossible for Victim-Americans to abuse American-Americans. So, the victim must have been a Victim-American.


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