Proud Boys Declared Terrorist Organization In Canada With Zero Dissent
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Earlier (2008)  First They Came For… Canadian "Hate Speech" Totalitarianism Is Not New by Kathy Shaidle

Canada's lucrative caste system and anti-white discrimination is arguably more advanced than America's. Now, the iron fist under the velvet glove of multiculturalism is being revealed. The Proud Boys have now been declared a "terrorist organization." Incredibly, there was zero dissent from anyone involved. 

Canada's parliament on Monday unanimously passed a motion calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government to designate the right-wing Proud Boys as a banned terrorist group.

The motion is purely symbolic, but the government has said authorities are monitoring the group and collecting evidence that could support the move.

Put forward by the fourth-ranked New Democrats, the motion states that the government should "use all available tools to address the proliferation of white supremacists and hate groups, starting with the immediate designating of Proud Boys as a terrorist entity."

Members of the Proud Boys, which was started by a Canadian who has since distanced himself from the group, were among Donald Trump supporters charged over the violent assault on the US Capitol earlier this month.

[Canada parliament labels US far-right Proud Boys group 'a terrorist entity,' France 24, January 26, 2021]

One lesson here is that a political party with a strong message can determine policy, even if it is relatively "fringe." The New Democrats have no seats in the Senate and a very small minority in the House of Commons. Nonetheless, conservatives instantly buckled at their demands.

The New Democrats have a leader that Regime Media loves. Jagmeet Singh is a turban-wearing Sikh who is doing much to undermine the noble heritage of that proud warrior tribe. History buffs know that the Sikhs were among the most effective fighters in the British Raj. The Battle of Saragarhi, in which a small number of Sikhs led by Ishar Singh engaged in a heroic last stand against Afghan tribesmen, deserves to be remembered as much as Thermopylae.         

Sikhs in Western Canada are, to some extent, far-right and continue their nationalist tradition. It’s just that their nationalism has nothing to do with Canada. The disproportionate power of Sikhs, which derives from their strong ethnic organizations that European-Canadians would do well to emulate, was used in the past to force the Canadian government to water down suggestions that the Sikh separatist movement for “Khalistan” could be linked to terrorism [How are Sikhs so powerful in Canada? It’s not about their numbers, by Srijan Shukla, The Print, November 1, 2019].

Jagmeet Singh is an especially interesting example because one of his ancestors was a notable activist for Indian independence [Gurpeet Singh: Beware of those opposed to Jagmeet Singh and his supporters, Straight, May 18, 2017]. Of course, the minute the British left, Sikhs, Indians, and other groups followed them right back to the home islands and North America so they could lecture cowed WASPs about the evils of their society. In retrospect, de-colonization was pointless. 

Now, it is Canada itself which is being colonized by groups willing to use state power against their foes. The Proud Boys being designated as a "terrorist group" lumps it in the same category as Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, and the Taliban. It also allows the government to try to manufacture criminal convictions with intense surveillance. Perhaps most importantly, it means that financial institutions can freeze its assets and anyone who does business with the group is also a criminal [Feds considering designating Proud Boys a terrorist organization after Capitol protestsby Hannah Jackson, Global News, January 10, 2021].

This is simply an attempt to criminalize the opposition and build a "woke" police state.

Obviously, this is what's on the way in America. Still the fact that the process of repression is this far advanced in Canada raises fundamental questions for conservatives who babble on about defending "the Free World" from the likes of Russia and China.

It's simply not true to refer to Canada or the United Kingdom as free countries. The Regimes are hostile to the founding populations. Americans trapped in a Cold War mindset need to wake up and realize that the true threat to freedom isn't Moscow or Beijing. It's already inside the gates. More than that, it's running the show from “our” own capital cities.

Anglo-Canadians, like European-Americans, are an occupied people. We're stateless, no different from the Kurds. Internalizing this is necessary before any progress is possible. Ironically, the Sikhs are a powerful example of how a stateless group with a strong identity, community organizations, and sense of their own collective interests can build power within the existing political system.


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