A Canadian Reader Is Contemplating Further Flight From Canada's Increasing Diversity
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Re: The Happy Canuck’s article Son Of East European Immigrants Reflects On The Fall Of His Toronto

From: “Red Ensign Canuck” [Email him]

I saw the article in VDARE.com and am shocked there is actually a white person out there in downtown Toronto that feels the same way I do. However, Toronto is lost and it has been for over twenty years or more. If you remember the old Toronto, how it functioned, how it worked, there is nothing left but tears and regret.

Word of advice, do not try to vent your views in public as it will cost you dearly in this city. The old Protestant working class civic ethic is gone and replaced by something vastly different that will make you pay for your deviancy from today’s norm.

There is a new world order in Canada, especially Toronto, where we have decided to replace our past with the peoples of the Third World and woe unto anyone who disagrees. There is an unstoppable wave of immigration coming into the country every year that heads straight for our major cities. There is no economic benefit to the average Canadian middle class (what’s left of) regardless of the propaganda we get from business and multiple levels of government.

Like our aforementioned author, I too believe their will be huge societal problems in the city in the next 50 years and all emanating from the altar of diversity. VDARE’s editor, Peter Brimelow, knows too well from his time here in Canada what we are facing.

Not sure if many people can but maybe they will have to leave the city and go to some place a little more quieter, a little more old time Canadian (if such a place still exists). I left Toronto many years ago and have never regretted it but where I live now seems to be turning into a mini version of what I moved away from. So, in a few years, if affordable, I may be on the move again. Running away. In my own country. That I was born in. That I defended all those years ago.

How did it ever come to this?

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