Police Chief Says 75% of Tijuana's Crime Committed by Migrants
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The police chief of a major city has announced that 75% of the crime committed in his city is committed by migrants. Isn't that controversial? No, because this is a Mexican police chief, speaking about a Mexican city.

Specifically, it was Javier Viruete, police chief of Tijuana, Mexico, which is across the border from San Diego. A big problem that Tijuana has is that illegal aliens deported from the United States wind up there. And instead of returning to their homes elsewhere, most of them stay in Tijuana.

This is from Problemas de migrantes en Tijuana (Joy Ruvalcaba, SanDiegoRed.com, January 8th, 2013): " ...each day an estimated 600 persons repatriated from the United States arrive to Tijuana. Only about 50 of that 600 can be sent back to their country or city of origin....the majority of these persons are criminals and that's why they're deported, which causes the problem for Tijuana, its police, its citizens and its tourists."

What Chief Viruete should do is request that the government of Mexico discourage Mexicans from entering the U.S. illegally. After all, it's actually illegal under Mexican law for Mexicans to enter the U.S. illegally. See my article Mexican Illegals Breaking Mexican Law Too!

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