Nebraska RNC-man Treason Lobby Asset Applauded By Hick Local MSM
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Nebraska RNCman Kramer: Local MSM loves me - why should I care about GOP voters?

Last Sunday, in Nebraska RNC-man Ignores Senate Victory, Demands Open Borders, I discussed Republican National Committeeman David Kramer putting his family mythology (or maybe financial opportunity) ahead of that of Republican voters' interests and calling for Amnesty—like Marco Rubio.

Today the Journal Star, the state capital Lincoln’s newspaper, has demonstrated its amateurism on the issue with Kramer right on immigration 1/13/2013 by committing Immigration Election blooper #1

In 2004, George W. Bush received 44 percent of the Hispanic vote.

Anyone who knows the subject is aware this has long been known to be wrong, as Steve Sailer most recently discussed in The Undying Myth Of Bush's 44% Of The Hispanic Vote. But it is highly convenient to use at present, for the reasons I laid out in Bush 44% Hispanic Myth Deployed In MSM Demand Minorities Rule GOP

Another example: the editorial flatly declares

…an estimated 11 million immigrants are in the country illegally.

No one knows how many illegals there are in America—the number turning up to apply for Obama’s Administrative Amnesty in August shocked Federal officials, although of course they rapidly shut up about that. Serious estimates in the middle of the last decade ranged as high as 20 million. More sophisticated (or less blatantly tendentious) immigration discussions have formed the habit of using the 12-20 million range (the lower level being the official estimate).

The Journal Star and Kramer are on the same page: permit mass immigration. A reader acidly commented:

"Kramer said. “But if you expand the ability of people to come in legally, you may go a long way toward solving the problem.”

That is typical logic for Kramer…if banks were to pass out money regularly, that may go a long way toward solving the robbery problem.
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