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We are entering a moment in history in which it is absolutely vital that we answer The National Question: the question "Who Are We?".

President Biden believes that America is an "ideal," that "Our history has been a constant struggle between the American ideal that we are all created equal and the other harsh, ugly reality that racismnativism, fear and demonization have long torn us apart." [Patrick J. Buchanan: Biden's America—One Nation or Us Versus Them?, by Patrick J. Buchanan, January 21, 2021]

And among Biden's flurry of executive orders: abolish Trump's 1776 Commission which, as James Kirkpatrick explains:

sought to define the American nation as something other than racist, white supremacist, and evil [Biden to rescind 1776 commission via executive orderby Caroline Kelly, CNNJanuary 20, 2021]. This means that the anti-white “1619 Project” interpretation of American history, which incites students against the historic American nation, will once again be taught in schools [The Violent History of White Supremacy Is Rarely Taught In Schools. It Should Be. By Corey Mitchell, EducationWeek, January 20, 2021].
[Biden Leads With Immigration. But Is Left As Strong As It Looks? by James Kirkpatrick, VDARE.com, January 20, 2021]

VDARE.com argues on our About page that America is not an "idea" or "a melting pot, or a tossed salad or any other fashionable dietary metaphor that strips our nation of its rightful identity." Instead:

  1. America is real. 
  2. Demography is destiny.
  3. The cultural identity of America is legitimate and defensible.

According to John Derbyshire, the answer to The National Question lies in an honest discussion of race, ethnicity and identity. 

The Biden administration and Regime Media will endlessly try to deny the existence of the Historic American Nation. But if we can answer the question "Who Are We?" with honesty and resolve, we will prevail. 

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