Has Biden Nominated ANY White Protestants To The Cabinet?
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From Affirmative Right:

Next here are Biden’s existing appointments and nominees for these 21 positions and their ethnicities:

Secretary of State (Antony Blinken – WHITE-JEWISH)
Secretary of the Treasury (Janet Yellen – WHITE-JEWISH)
Secretary of Defense (Lloyd Austin – BLACK)
Attorney General (Merrick Garland – WHITE-JEWISH)
Secretary of the Interior (Deb Haaland – MIXED RACE (Red Indian + Norwegian))
Secretary of Agriculture (Tom Vilsack – WHITE-CATHOLIC)

Vilsack was born in a Roman Catholic orphanage in Pittsburgh so he has deep roots in farming.

Secretary of Commerce (Gina Raimondo – WHITE-CATHOLIC (Italian American))
Secretary of Labor (Marty Walsh – WHITE-CATHOLIC (Irish American))
Secretary of Health and Human Services (Xavier Becerra – HISPANIC (Mexican American))
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (Marcia Fudge – BLACK)
Secretary of Transportation (Pete Buttigieg – WHITE-CATHOLIC)

Buttigieg’s father was a Marxist Catholic from Arab-speaking Malta who taught at Notre Dame. His mother, Anne Montgomery, might have been Protestant.

Secretary of Energy (Jennifer Granholm – WHITE-CATHOLIC (Scandinavian + Irish))
Secretary of Education (Miguel Cardona – HISPANIC (Puerto Rican))
Secretary of Veterans Affairs (Denis McDonough – WHITE-CATHOLIC (Irish American))
Secretary of Homeland Security (Alejandro Mayorkas HISPANIC-JEWISH)
Trade Representative (Katherine Tai – ASIAN (Chinese American))
Director of National Intelligence (Avril Haines – WHITE-JEWISH)
Director of the Office of Management and Budget (Neera Tanden – ASIAN (Indian-American))
Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (William Burns – WHITE CATHOLIC (Irish-American))
Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (Michael S. Regan – BLACK)
Administrator of the Small Business Administration (Isabel Guzman – HISPANIC-JEWISH)

I don’t see a huge amount of evidence that Guzman identifies as Jewish: “Isabel also shares Jewish and German heritage, and possibly some Chinese.”

Out of the 21 positions:

Seven are Whites with a Catholic background (33%)
Six are Jewish (28.5%)
Four are Hispanic (19%)
Three are Black (14.3%)
Two are Asian (9.5%)
Zero are White with a Protestant ethnic background.

There are some other Cabinet-Level posts, such as:

Chief of Staff – Ron Klain, Jewish
UN Ambassador – Linda Thomas-Greenfield, black
Chair of Council of Economic Advisers – Linda Rouse, black
Science Adviser – Eric Lander, Jewish
National Security Adviser – Jake Sullivan, but is he, as they ask in Belfast, a Catholic atheist or a Protestant atheist?
Climate Supremo – John Kerry, half Jewish, half Boston Brahmin Protestants.

Assuming that Sullivan is yet another Catholic Irishman and Guzman is not very Jewish, that would make a total of 8 white Catholics (4 of them Irish), 7 Jews, 5 blacks, 4 Hispanics (one of them Jewish), 2 Asians, and nobody 100% white Protestant. Buttigieg and Kerry might add up to one white Protestant between them.

In general, the Presidency has been overwhelmingly dominated by Protestants (usually post-Puritans or Scots-Irish), with only Kennedy and now Biden not being Protestants. Joe is so incredibly old (he was 18 when JFK was sworn in) that this 1960-style Protestant vs. Catholic division is still relevant to him.

As I may have mentioned once or twice, the contemporary Democratic Party is a Coalition of the Margins: the less you are like George Washington, the more likely you are to be a Democrat. It’s funny how few get that.

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