$PLC: UCLA Astrophysicist Prof. Ben Zuckerman Leads a Hate Group
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From the New York Times:
California Today: The State’s Hate Landscape

Mike McPhate


California appeared to witness a rise in hate last year.

In 2016, the state was home to 79 organizations with animus toward blacks, whites, immigrants, Muslims and other groups, according to a new report by the Southern Poverty Law Center, an Alabama-based group that tracks extremism. That’s up from 68 the year before. …

But the classification of other groups drew pushback.

Californians for Population Stabilization, a Santa Barbara group with thousands of members, was labeled anti-immigrant by the center. Mr. Potok attributed the determination in part to troubling remarks about race and eugenics made by people formerly linked to the group.

Benjamin Zuckerman, the group’s president, vehemently objected to the characterization. The organization’s objectives, he said, are twofold: environmental conservation and fairness to working Americans who are harmed by “over immigration.”

“I consider us pretty much just ordinary people,” said Dr. Zuckerman, who is also an astronomy professor at U.C.L.A. “We just have a view that too many people for a given environmental carrying capacity is just not good.”
But does Professor Zuckerman support unlimited, endless, infinite immigration?


So that make him a proponent of Hate.

Any other line of though might raise the question of whether the reason that the SPLC has $302,800,000 in financial assets is because it could be thought of as America’s most lucrative hate group.

But of course that’s unthinkable.

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