How Soon We Forget—Obama Talked Smack About AMERICA, Not Sweden. (Remember The Murders?)
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From the New York Times:
From an Anchor’s Lips to Trump’s Ears to Sweden’s Disbelief


… Just like that, without white papers, intelligence reports, an interagency meeting or, presumably, the advice of his secretary of state, the president started a dispute with a longtime American friend that resented his characterization and called it false. The president’s only discernible goal was to make the case domestically for his plans to restrict entry to the United States.

In contrast, the previous President leapt to a conclusion about a different country than Sweden before collecting data. As I wrote in Taki’s Magazine on July 13, 2016:
Last week, on his way to Warsaw on Air Force One, President Barack Obama was looking at social media. According to The New York Times, he alerted his press secretary that:

He had decided to make a statement himself as soon as they landed, and had told his aides to collect statistics demonstrating racial bias in the criminal justice system.

Now, you might think that’s putting the cart before the horse. Perhaps the administration should objectively evaluate the evidence first, rather than order its media flacks to dredge up some data justifying the president’s prejudices?

But that would be wrong. Everybody knows that culture or evolution can’t have anything to do with hereditary racial differences in performance. If you even consider those possibilities, you must be one of the bad white people you’ve been warned about.

What could possibly go wrong with President Obama spouting his racial prejudices?

Well, in this particular case, BLM terrorists in Dallas and Baton Rouge quickly followed up on President Obama’s outrage against the racist police system in this country by assassinating eight police officers.

When I heard about the Dallas massacre, the first thing that popped into my head was, “So Trump will be President.”

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