Peter Brimelow: Wisconsin A Sweep For Immigration Patriots (Again)
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We keep saying this, but it’s true (again): Wisconsin was a sweep for candidates who campaigned as immigration patriots.

John Kasich, who recently went full Bush bonehead on Amnesty and immigration, presumably in response to his donors, was annihilated. As I write this (10:53 ET) he’s showing about 14%.

And this was supposed to be a friendly Mid-Western state for Kasich, who is after all the Governor of Ohio. After this, it’s hard to see how he can emerge from a contested convention. But of course the GOP Establishment isn’t called the Stupid Party for nothing.

Establishment favorites Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio (remember them?) just aren’t around much any more.

The map of the Wisconsin GOP primary is striking, showing Trump forces surrounding the cities in Ho Chi Minh style:


Maybe there’s something to this Magic Dirt Theory.



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