Another Great Night For Immigration Patriots—And It Will Get Better
Print Friendly and PDF does not endorse candidates, but causes. And, like Super Saturday, March 15 was a great night for immigration patriots. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, both campaigning against immigration, held Governor John Kasich below 50% in his own state of Ohio, which except for the MSM's determination to trash Trump would be regarded as a humiliation, and got 60%-80% of the vote everywhere else. The rout of the GOP Establishment is total. Senator Marco Rubio, standard bearer of the Gang of Eight's Amnesty/ Immigration Surge bill, was destroyed in his own state of Florida and dropped out. Of course, former governor Jeb! Bush—remember that fawning National Review cover story?—didn't even get to Florida. (For that matter, remember Rick Perry?)

Moreover, just as the Democratic candidates have pandered themselves out onto an extreme immigration-enthusiast limb, so John Kasich has chosen this moment to go full Bush bonehead on Amnesty and immigration, presumably in response to his donors. So there's a real possibility that not just the general election, but also the rest of the GOP primary season, could turn into the up-or-down debate on immigration that the entire political class has fought for so long to prevent.

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