Hey, MSM Angry Apes: How Come Israel Gets To Use Remittance Weapon And Trump Can't?
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VDARE.com has been discussing the utility of taxing remittances from legal and illegal immigrants back to Mexico for years e.g. National Data | A Supply-Side Solution For Illegal Immigration by Edwin S. Rubenstein, January 26, 2004. So we are naturally delighted by Donald Trump's just-released proposal to tax remittances to finance his Great Wall of Trump [Trump reveals how he would force Mexico to pay for border wall, by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, Washington Post, April 5, 2016. A facsimile of the actual proposal is reproduced here].

The MSM, which more than any politicians really has emerged as the Official Opposition and Enforcer of the Narrative, is reacting with its usual outrage and incredulity when confronted with a new and unwelcome idea—just like the famous apes in Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey trying to scare away the mysterious Monolith:

But if Trump holds his ground, as he will, the MSM will eventually calm down and, like the 2001 apes, start to look at the monolith more carefully, if reluctantly. We went through exactly this cycle with Trump's proposal to put a hold on Muslim immigration—which, of course, turned out to be immensely popular with, you know, Americans.

Normally, I ascribe this MSM cycle to stupidity and groupthink. But it happens that Israel has successfully used the remittance weapon to get control of illegal immigration, as we have repeatedly documented, for example here.

Yet I can find no mention of this obvious parallel in current coverage. And I don't believe that no-one in the U.S. MSM is aware of it.


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