Peter Brimelow: We May Not Reach Our Goal Without Your Help
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Dear Reader,

I put off writing this until we picked up today's mail (from PO Box 211, Litchfield CT 06759)

Just $250 in checks.

So it's official: Our year-end fundraiser has stalled. For the first time in three years, we may not even make our $100,00 goal — and we certainly won't exceed it dramatically, which of course we secretly hoped we would do.

It's especially surprising because, just after Christmas, we announced a $10,000 matching grant from one of our most devoted supporters.


And it's especially ironic because of the number of MSM queries we've received worrying whether fundraising is surging in the wake of the Trump triumph.

We always answer the same way: our fundraising, and traffic, has been steadily building for the last few years-but overall there's no particular sign of a Trump uptick.

And now it looks like the last days of 2016 may not even match the last days of 2015. As I write,'s year-end fundraiser has $26,595 to go.

So we're worried. But of course at we've lived with worry for seventeen years. So let me stipulate:


  • I see that other Dissident Right websites are reporting similar surprising post-Christmas 2016 shortfalls. Maybe the heroic small donors who support us all-the big donors are too busy hiding under their mahogany desks from the slightest accusations of Political Incorrectness-are exhausted after their unprecedented role in funding Donald J. Trump's immigration patriot presidential campaign. (See big donors, above). AND TRUMP WON!!!! So that's a good thing, right? In the end?


  • may still make at least its $100,000 goal. We've seen sudden and startling surges in online giving as the year ends. And donations by check-any check dated before January 1 2017 counts against 2016 taxes- will take a week or so to snail in.


  • This is still better than corporate journalism. As Editor of, I sometimes marvel at the Politically Incorrect articles I can now publish that I could never have considered in my 40+ years in the Main Stream Media. I know we are pioneering a new, more vital relationship between writers and readers. I just wish it weren't quite as worrying.


  • is in this for the long haul. I said this repeatedly when speaking to supporters before the election, when-remember? -it wasn't completely clear that Trump would win. I say it again now in the face of this unfortunate financial shortfall. will continue to publish no matter what. We just won't be able to publish as much.


But of course that's the real worry. The Trump Administration is an unparalleled-in fact God-given-opportunity for American immigration patriots. And for the first time, we know absolutely and for certain that will be read at the highest levels of the White House.

Still, it's still impossible to say for sure that America's post-1965 immigration disaster will be reversed. Which is infinitely better that what would be happening if Hillary Clinton or virtually any other Republican were president-elect. Nevertheless, it's—well—worrying.

It's why's voice must be heard in 2017 more than ever.

It's why we need your support-before 2016 ends.

I, and the entire family, will be profoundly grateful.


Peter Brimelow



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