Did Netanyahu Just Announce Israel Is Spying on U.S.?
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The Israeli government appears to be declaring that it has been spying on the President of the United States. From Newsweek:

Ambassador Ron Dermer went one step further, asserting that Israel would share the intelligence it has with the incoming U.S. administration on how President Obama is directly responsible for the passing of the resolution.

An Israeli ambassador publicly proclaiming that Israel is collecting intelligence on any American president is simply astounding. …

Netanyahu, in his response [to Kerry’s speech], had to go on the offensive against the Obama administration one last time by saying:

“We have it on absolute, incontestable evidence that the United States organized, advanced and brought this resolution to the U.N.S.C. We will share this information with the incoming administration, some of it is sensitive, it’s all true.”

There’s nothing surprising about the news that Israel spies on the U.S. government. But the source of this news is pretty funny. In an era when pretty much everybody in America has learned the lesson Carl Cameron of Fox was taught back in 2001 when he did a four part series on Israeli spying in the U.S. that got quickly memory holed — Don’t mention the Israeli espionage — it’s amusing that it’s Bibi and Dermer who are bringing it up.

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