Peter Brimelow Interviewed By DAILY BEAST On Trump's Ryan Endorsement
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Gideon Resnick [Email him] has a piece in the DAILY BEAST titled White Nationalists Aren’t Buying Trump’s Paul Ryan Endorsement | For months, Trump has been their hero. Now a ‘boringly conventional’ pat on the back to the speaker of the House is dashing the glimmer of a dream.[August 8, 2016]

The text doesn't really bear out his subtitle, everyone is being philosophical about this, especially editor Peter Brimelow.

Here's Resnick's presentation of an email interview he did with Peter Brimelow.:

“It’s a boringly conventional move—but I just don’t think it will work, because it’s increasingly obvious that the Donorists will sink the ship rather than let a Nationalist candidate win,” said Peter Brimelow, the editor of, a site that often argues for a moratorium on immigration to the United States. “And that goes for their subsidized Conservatism Inc. sock puppets like National Review and Red State, too. Trump already gave them [running mate Mike] Pence, who is a weak fool, and he let [Ted] Cruz speak even though he knew he wouldn’t endorse him. It’s got him nothing.”

Brimelow, who has been described as an “anti-immigration activist,” told The Daily Beast these sorts of establishment-kowtowing moves don’t help Trump gain voters. He needs to stick to what made him successful already.

“Trump’s only path to victory is a Brexit-type spontaneous popular surge,” Brimelow said in an email exchange. “In fact, that’s all he’s ever had going for him. To get that, he has to raise Nationalist issues, like immigration/TPP, that will terrify the GOP Establishment and enrage the MSM. These endorsements haven’t helped him with his voters at all.”

Brimelow suggested that Trump didn’t really want to endorse Ryan and that his belated move to do so runs the risk of diluting the Trump message, which is tinged by nationalism.

“I’d guess they had to break his arm,” Brimelow said. “I think it was a mistake, but what do I know? What does anyone know about this campaign?”


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