Peonage In America: Guatemalan Victim Means Guatemalan Perps
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This is a perfect example of the "Immigrants Committing Slavery" phenomenon, as it appears in the Main Stream Media:

Shasta County couple charged with forcing Guatemalan woman and her daughters into labor

By Michael McGough, Sacramento Bee, June 24, 2019

A married Shasta County couple have been charged with forced labor, accused of forcing a Guatemalan woman and her juvenile daughters to work long hours at a restaurant for minimal to no pay, according to a recently unsealed indictment in federal court in Sacramento.

Nery and Maura Martinez, both 50, of Shasta Lake allegedly harbored the woman and her two daughters after their visas expired, forcing them into labor, abusing them and threatening them with arrest or separation from each other for nearly a year and a half, according to a news release by the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

The couple allegedly conspired to bring the three individuals to the United States using temporary work visas, then imposed a debt on the victims to keep them from returning to Guatemala. The allegations cover the span between September 2016 and February 2018.[More]

The Department of Justice, whose press officers tend to follow the MSM template, also calls the accused a "Shasta County" couple.

Elsewhere, the Martinezes are called a California Couple, a  California Pair, a  Shasta Lake couple, and one story that originally said Latino's restaurant owners used Guatemalan family for forced labor, indictment alleges was changed to Shasta County couple harbored immigrant family, forced them to work, indictment alleges.

Here’s the fun part of that—the restaurant was called “Latino's Mexican Restaurant”, but the headline had to be changed because readers would think that newspaper was characterizing the owners as Latino—which of course they are.

I've been covering this subject for years, and the pattern is always the same. The victim is an immigrant from some named country, the perpetrators are, as far as the headline is concerned, an American couple. See, for example, Allan Wall's “Oceanside Couple” With Mexican Sex Slave Also Immigrants— How Come MSM Didn’t Say?

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