Memo From Middle America | “Oceanside Couple” With Mexican Sex Slave Also Immigrants— How Come MSM Didn’t Say?
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The Main Stream Media follows a definite script on immigration. Immigrants are, by definition, good. Therefore, if immigrants have troubles, they must be victims. And if immigrants and native-born Americans have conflict, the native-born Americans must be at fault, probably because of racism and intolerance.

But what happens when real life doesn’t follow the script? Well, in that case, the MSM simply covers up. Reporters with agendas don’t even have to lie—they can just suppress the truth.

Look at an example that’s recently come to light—the disgusting case of the “Oceanside Couple”. At least, that’s what the MSM calls them, since they reside in Oceanside, a city on the California coast in San Diego County.

Here are the basic facts from NBC's San Diego affiliate:

A married couple in Oceanside was arrested on suspicion of human trafficking Thursday, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department confirmed. Inez Martinez Garcia, 43, and her husband, Marcial Garcia Hernandez, 45, were arrested by officials as they left their home in Oceanside at around 7:20 a.m.

Oceanside Couple Accused of Human Trafficking, By Monica Garske [Twitter] and Chris Chan [Twitter], November 30, 2012

Here’s the latest update:
VISTA — An Oceanside couple pleaded not guilty on Tuesday at the Vista Courthouse to felony charges of enslaving a young Mexican girl for sex. Each of the defendants faces up to 390 years to life in prison if convicted of all charges.

Inez Martinez Garcia, 43, and her husband Marcial Garcia Hernandez, 45, allegedly enslaved a 12-year-old girl for forced labor and sex for over two years after she was smuggled into the U.S. from Mexico in the early 2000s.

Oceanside couple pleads not guilty to enslaving young girl, by Rachel Stine, The Coast News, Dec. 20, 2012

What this “Oceanside couple” did was sick, no doubt about it. They deserve to be punished. (Note, however, that their alleged crimes took place twelve years ago—more on this later).

More details from the NBC story:

Marisa Ugarte of the Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition, a non-profit that provides support to trafficking victims, said her organization brought the case to the Sheriff's Department because the victim wanted justice. The alleged crimes happened in 2000. The female victim in this case—who’s now an adult—came forward with allegations of forced labor and physical and sexual abuse by the Oceanside couple.
Here’s what the “Oceanside Couple” did to this poor girl:
Deputies say the investigation revealed the girl was smuggled into the United States at the age of 12 with promises of a better life and receiving an education.

According to investigators, when the victim arrived at the Garcia household, she was allegedly forced to care for the couple’s three young children, cook and clean the house under constant threat of physical abuse.

Officials said that over the course of a 20-month period, the young girl was also forced to have sex with Marcial Garcia Hernandez.

When she refused to participate in the sex acts or didn’t complete her household labor in a timely manner she was beaten, said investigators.

The victim was also allegedly forced to lie about her age when the couple found work for the girl at a local restaurant. She had to turn over all of her wages to Inez Martinez Garcia, investigators said.

Over time, the couple also allegedly forced the girl into having sex with other older men for monetary gain.

What we have here is a classic case of the exploitation of an illegal alien. She was brought to the U.S. under false pretenses, she was enslaved, sexually abused, and even pimped out to other men.

And apparently the neighbors didn’t suspect a thing, according to the NBC story:

Neighbors said they looked like a normal family, often holding parties inviting neighbors.
But there’s another important part of this story that the MSM is leaving out.

Suppose you’re a casual reader—maybe you just see the headline.  “Oceanside Couple” might cause you to infer that it’s about a white American couple who was victimizing a poor Mexican illegal immigrant.

Thus the Los Angeles Times has run a number of stories about the “Oceanside couple”:

Notice the key words in these titles—“Oceanside Couple” versus “Mexican held as sex slave”.

Unquestionably, the message received by casual readers is

  • Poor Mexican Immigrant—Victim
  • U.S. Residents—Evil
But as I read about this case, I developed a suspicion that, not only was the victim from Mexico—so were the perpetrators.

One of the reasons: notice the names of this “Oceanside couple”:

  • Husband: Marcial Garcia Hernandez
  • Wife: Inez Martinez Garcia
In Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries, people have two surnames: the apellido paterno, corresponding to the English “last name,” from the father; and the apellido materno, corresponding to what we call in English the mother’s maiden name.

Also, wives in Spanish-speaking countries do not officially take their husbands’ surnames, as Martinez Garcia did not. (See my What's In A (Sur)Name? Plenty, If You're Planning An Amnesty).

So I looked around. And finally I found the smoking gun—not, needless to say, in the LA Times but in a local paper, the North County Times (“serving North San Diego and southwest Riverside counties”): Couple charged in Oceanside sex slave case, by Teri Figueroa, December 3, 2012.

Buried in this article’s very last paragraph, you find:

“The Oceanside couple emigrated from Mexico and are legal permanent residents of the United States.”
The “Oceanside Couple” are immigrants from Mexico (and, after many years, still not American citizens).

So why don’t the MSM headlines say: “Mexican Immigrant Couple Held 12-Year Old Girl as Sex Slave”?

Because it doesn’t fit the script. Remember, the MSM’s goal is to glorify immigration—not point out the problems it brings to our country.

Not only was the girl a fellow Mexican, she was actually a relative, the NCT article said. And:

The Sheriff’s Department said the girl’s ordeal ended after she was beaten so badly authorities removed her from the home and returned her to Mexico. The victim, now an adult, came forward 2½ years ago with details of the abuses.
Question: why didn’t the “authorities” do something about this years ago, when the sex slave showed up beaten so badly they returned her to Mexico?

There’s another interesting detail at the very end of the NCT article:

In court, the couple’s defense attorneys said the pair would require interpreters able to speak Zapotec, an indigenous language spoken in Oaxaca, in southern Mexico.
So this “Oceanside couple” actually hail from Oaxaca, one of the poorest, most isolated and indigenous states of Mexico. Many people there who don’t speak Spanish at all. So how can we expect them to assimilate to our culture?

And now, at taxpayer expense, interpreters must be hired to interpret for the “Oceanside couple”—although they’ve been functioning in an English-speaking country for years readers know about a similarly telling incident, reported by Brenda Walker: two Oaxaca Indians, residing illegally in California, made an arrangement by which one would exchange beer, meat, money and other drinks for the other’s 14-year old daughter. Later, the father complained to police—because all that beer and meat hadn’t been forthcoming. See Diversity Is Strength! It's Also…Selling Your 14-Year Old Daughter?

Don’t we have enough home-grown family problems without importing foreigners with family problems and radically different ways of dealing with them?

(For other examples, of immigrants’ importing slaves see A California Reader Notices A Case Of Immigrant Slavery and Slavery, Immigration, And The Press—Update.)

This MSM suppression of negative news about immigration is so systematic and detailed that it can only be deliberate. It means most Americans who aren’t directly familiar with the problems will remain ignorant. And that’s the way the movers and shakers in our society like it.

Which is why sites like VDARE.COM are so important—to shine the light of truth on what’s really going on in the new America being elected right under our noses.

You absolutely cannot depend on the Mainstream Media to point these things out.

Two final suggestions for the MSM:

  • The Mexican sex slave was illegal when she was here twelve years ago—why not ask what her immigration status is now?
  • Could her recent return have something to do with the perverse consequences of adding “victim visas” to our current million-plus yearly torrent of legal immigration?
(Ask NBC San Diego (email) and the LA Times (email) why they suppress the news.)

American citizen Allan Wall (email him) moved back to the U.S.A. after many years residing in Mexico. Allan's wife is Mexican, and their two sons are bilingual. In 2005, Allan served a tour of duty in Iraq with the Texas Army National Guard. His VDARE.COM articles are archived here; his articles are archived here; his News With Views columns are archived here; and his website is here.

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