"Ooh La La!" Visa
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According to Foxnews, the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi wants to open Italy's doors to pretty girls from Albania. If Berlusconi can pull this one off, he should dub the new visa something almost every man would understand: the "Ooh La La!" Visa (OLL) visa.[Pictured right: Miss Albania, 2005]

Berlusconi: Italy's Doors Only Open to Pretty Immigrants
Saturday , February 13, 2010

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi landed in hot water again after joking that Italy's doors were only open to attractive immigrants, The Sun reported Saturday.

The gaffe-prone politician, 73, held immigration talks Friday with Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha.

Berisha looked uncomfortable as Berlusconi joked at a press conference, "We will only accept pretty girls from Albania."

Opposition lawmaker Paola Pellegrini slammed the quip, calling Berlusconi "an indecorous old man."

Berlusconi was also facing a fresh sex scandal in his government Saturday as accusations that one of his right-hand men was offered "megagalactic" sex parties in return for illegally awarding public contracts, The Times of London reported.

Guido Bertolaso, 59, the head of the Civil Protection Agency, who became a national hero for overseeing the rescue efforts after the earthquake in Abruzzo last year, offered to resign twice this week after prosecutors said that he was under investigation over alleged sex parties and bribes for public contracts.

There are various interpretations of the story — perhaps due to translation problems. This one from newKerala seems to imply that Berlusconi was far more exclusionary (note the word "only"):

Berlusconi says Italy would only accept pretty Albanian immigrants!

London, Feb 13 : Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has said that Italy would only welcome Albanian immigrants if they were pretty girls.

The News for Infidels has a version of the story copied from the UK Telegraph. The Telegraph article is one of the best because it contains real quotes, but the Infidels blog distorted the original title in a misleading fashion that implied that Berlusconi would not want immigration exceptions if a pretty Muslim girl was found somewhere in the world (here is one in Albania, and depending on your taste here are a few more). Actually if this article is true, Berlusconi's policies on immigration makes a lot of sense!

Italian PM: Muslim immigrants not welcome but 'beautiful girls' can stay
Mr Berlusconi, 73, said an accord between Italy and Albania had successfully clamped down on the trafficking of illegal immigrants across the Adriatic Sea by people smugglers.

He then joked: "I said to Sali – we'd make exceptions for anyone bringing over beautiful girls." Mr Berlusconi, whose wife is divorcing him for his alleged philandering, also joked with female Albanian journalists: "You know I'm single now."

There are similar calls in the U.S. for more leniency on visa waivers for beautiful women, like for example Argentine pin-up girl Dorismar (aka Dora Noemi Kerchen), who after being deported from Florida attempted to get an O visa to return to the United States as a legal alien. In my 2006 story "O" No! Dorismar Gets An "O" Visa! I thought that Dorismar was a sure thing for the O Visa category because that visa category requires exceptional attributes. Judging recent blogs it appears that Dorismar's efforts to get a petition for the "O" visa have failed: "Dorismar needs to be let back into the States pronto" and "Nudge Salutes- Deported Illegal Aliens".

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