Only In Israel: Exodus of Illegals Accelerates; Border Fence Working (Of Course).
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Sinai fence eritreans

Eritreans blocked by Israel's Sinai Fence (H/T

Can you imagine any American MSM – or Conservatism Inc – outlet writing the equivalent of this?

August didn't bring much good news for Israelis. But every cloud has a silver lining: in August a noted increase was recorded of illegal African immigrants leaving the country…

The story continues

A total of 379 illegals voluntarily left Israel in August, more than had left the previous four months altogether…

So far this year, 5,388 illegal Africans have left Israel voluntarily… The Israeli population and immigration office said that in late 2013 there were 53,646 African immigrants in Israel, 35,987 of whom were Eritrean, 13,249 Sudanese and the remainder from other countries.

Number of Infiltrators Leaving Israel Skyrockets in August By Yaakov Levi Arutz Sheva 9/1/2014

Using this estimate of “infiltrators” in Israel and 11 million illegals in America (certain to be a serious underestimate since this is the number the Treason Lobby uses) this means to match the Israelis the Feds would have had to deport 77,712 people in August - and to be up to 1.1 million for the year to date.

The Obamacrats congratulated themselves on deporting 367,000 people for the entire year of 2013: and that number was more than doubled by accounting fraud as Paul Nachman has demonstrated.

To be sure this still represents a considerable slow down from earlier in the year which I reported in Israel's March Deportations: As If America Had Deported 277,000 illegals! This is because it is actually in contravention of International law to send Eritreans and Sudanese back to their home countries, deemed to be war zones. The Israelis have tried to dump these people in other countries such as Uganda and Sweden, but the most effective has been to make life difficult for them. Remittances by illegals have been banned since last year, and as Arutz Sheva notes

Israel requires illegal immigrants who have been in the country for more than five years to live in Holot. Under legislation passed in December 2013, authorities can detain illegal immigrants for up to a year without trial.

Conditions in the Holot Concentration Camp may be judged by

In June, more than 1,000 illegal African immigrants staged a sit-in near the southern border with Egypt, following a protest march against their internment camp in Holot, near the Sinai border, where they are required to stay. The infiltrators called for help leaving the country. ( emphasis)

and of course

Israel's construction last year of an electric fence along its border with Egypt has reduced the number of immigrants arriving illegally through the Sinai Peninsula to almost none. has long saluted the Israeli authorities for their stalwart defense of their countrymen.

What Americans need to consider is why so many powerful advocates and financiers of Amnesty/Immigration Surge so confidently exercise double standards.

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