Schumer Claims Borders Unenforcable: Somehow Forgets Israeli Success
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Israel Fence

Israel's Fence: There, the Government cares.

Thursday’s Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on the Amnesty Bill made plain that the Democrats are determined to prevent any significant tightening of controls on the Border. Brenda Walker was quite correct describe the process as Legalizing Lawbreaking on a Massive Scale (aka Nearly Open Borders). Marco Rubio’s assurances are worthless. (For more detail on the rejected improvements read The Hill’s account.)

But Brenda caught a very significant statement by Senator Chuck Schumer when refusing to get involved in quantifying likely future inflows:

Senator Schumer’s response was that the millions are coming anyway; under the new regime they will enter legally. Schumer said, “They’re coming. They’re either coming under law or not under law. And what we do is try to rationalize that system.”

Schumer has to be aware that Israel within the past two years virtually completely stopped a surging inflow across its post-Mubarak Egyptian border by building a fence – even the New York Times has acknowledged this. It can be done.

I have asked previously U.S. Amnesties Illegals, Israel Deports. Why The Difference?

The answer is that Israel’s leaders care about their countrymen. America’s despise theirs.

All questions as to Chuck Schumer’s integrity were settled by his role in the Madoff scandal.

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