One Good Effect of Lockdowns: Girls Are de-Transitioning Back to Being Girls
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From discussion group about how while school has been canceled, some young schoolgirls who had claimed to be boys were “de-transitioning:”

The effect of lockdown on transitioning teen girls (116 Posts)
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I mentioned this on another thread, but as a worker in a high school we have found out during weekly phone calls home that since lockdown that most of our FtM students have de transitioned, perhaps as there is no longer the group peer pressure or affirmation from teachers? I was interested to see if there are any more examples – the other thread was started about Dr Haddock, and I felt this was worthy of its own thread.

In our school there were nine girls out of a approx 160 student year 9 cohort who identified as boys. Seven have now de transitioned since lockdown and one is considering it. Out of those nine I would have said three of them weren’t as committed as the others and had said they were “thinking about being non binary”, but were keen to remain part of that friendship group. It really is infectious.

28-Jun-20 23:05:05
If I were a journalist, I might be very interested in 8 out of 9 ‘transboys’ detransitioning over lockdown. Just saying.

Sun 28-Jun-20 23:07:04
It’s very interesting and points to a large social contagion effect.

It crosses my mind that there might be less in the way sexist/objectifying remarks from boys at school and out and about as well.
A pressure from another angle that’s been removed.

Sun 28-Jun-20 23:10:04
Oh! My friend whose teenage DD has been identifying as first non binary and then a boy for the last 3 years rang me the other day and in conversation was using her DDs birth name instead of the boys name she’s been using for the last couple of years. I asked how that was going and she was a bit vague and just said it had been a really lovely few months and that her DD seemed to be doing a lot of growing up. I didn’t push it because we have pretty much agreed to disagree on the matter in the past – I use her DDs preferred name and pronouns but my friend is well aware I think it’s all bullshit! I wonder…

Sun 28-Jun-20 23:22:46
I wonder whether as well as a break from social contagion, it’s a respite from the adolescent male gaze, banter etc.

Part of the craze of adolescent girls declaring themselves to be boys is a female version of the Peter Pan syndrome of boys not wanting to grow up into men. Puberty is scary for girls and not a few girls would like to just stay the way they are a little longer and not turn into women right now. Lots of parents kind of feel the same way.

Roughly, age 6 to 11 is kind of a halcyon era of childhood that other Great Apes species move through much quicker. It’s a time to learn lots of little skills without being distracted by sex. Lots of girls can’t wait to get to puberty and womanhood and boys, but lots of other girls don’t want to be in such a rush.

So then these natural feelings get plugged into a crazed ideological fad because crazed ideological fads are how we roll these days.

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