OK, The Victim's From Afghanistan. What About The Accused?
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The headline on Brenda's item below is "Afghan Throws Wife And Daughter Out Of Window In St. Louis." That's our headline, the MSM headline just said "Man." This Associated Press headline says that "King County residents" (near Seattle) are charged with enslaving a young Muslim woman. You might think this was revival of American slavery, as practiced before the Civil War. But considering that the one named accused is called Mohammad, I suspect that it's another case of foreigners importing slavery, as practised overseas, to America.

Five King County residents accused of enslaving girl from Afghanistan
by The Associated Press
Thursday October 16, 2008, 8:55 AM

SEATTLE — A grand jury indictment in Seattle accuses five south King County residents of enslaving a 16-year-old girl from Afghanistan.

The indictment says she was forced to marry a man, Mohammad Atahee, when she was 13 in Afghanistan. Then she was brought to the United States and beaten, raped and forced to do housework and child care at homes in Federal Way and Auburn.

The five appeared in federal court Wednesday on charges of conspiring to engage in forced labor. Three people, including the 37-year-old Atahee who is also accused of beating and sexually assaulting the girl, are detained pending further hearings. Atahee pleaded not guilty. Two other people were released under travel restrictions.

Trial is set for Dec. 23 in Seattle.

More details here. The US Attorney's press release, with more Muslim names as the accused, can be read here.

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