"Ohio State Shooter [UPDATE: Slasher] No Longer Raceless: Somali Refugee"
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The headline above is the subject line of an email about a shooting that I saw in the news and on Twitter. I couldn't find out the answer to what is always the main question in these shootings—what color was the gunman? Was he an immigrant?

UPDATE: The Somali attacker actually had a butcher knife.  See details in the Daily Mail.

That's the one fact the MSM, aware that inquiring minds want to know, has a deliberate policy of suppressing. (This policy is in writing in the widely used AP Stylebook.)

Even MSM sources that  have published this fact don't think that it's the kind of thing that belongs in a headline, but a website calledTruthFeed feels differently. (That's their graphic above.)

So does this Twitter feed:

Can't load tweet https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/803302978593529856: Sorry, that page does not exist

Is it any wonder the old school MSM is dying? People want to know this stuff—they refuse to tell us.

UPDATE:  Two Tweets from Ann Coulter:


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