Officer Darren Wilson Gets Married; Gawker's Jordan Sargent Triggered Again
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We are expecting a decision from the grand jury any minute to see if Officer Darren Wilson will be indicted for the shooting of Michael Brown.  But the clickbait driven outrage has already begun.

Platitudinous manlet Jordan Sargent, last seen demanding "white ladies" let black criminals steal their belongings, is chirping in protest over the fact that Officer Darren Wilson recently married.

Mike Brown is dead. Darren Wilson is a husband for the second time.

According to various news reports, Wilson—the Ferguson, Mo. police officer who shot unarmed teenager Mike Brown six times, killing him in the street—quietly married his second wife, Barbara Spralding, a fellow Ferguson officer, on October 24.

[Darren Wilson Got Married Last Month, by Jordan Sargent, Gawker, November 24, 2014]

Sargent doesn't like this one bit and in replying to his own article (who does that?) stamps his little feet and demands, "Arrest Darren Wilson."

Why?  Presumably because Wilson had the duty to die to atone for racism.

Despite the Narrative Collapse about "Mike Brown," despite that fact that we saw this before with Trayvon Martin, despite the eyewitnesses and autopsy reports supporting Darren Wilson, the Left is determined to die on this hill.  And if the grand jury doesn't indict Officer Wilson, the media's fanatical determination to print fairy tales as truth is as responsible for what results as any mob masquerading as a "community."

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