"Right Wing Watch" Points and Sputters About VDARE.com's "Impeachment or Insurrection" Column; My Lengthy Response
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logo[1]Miranda Blue over at Right Wing Watch had the program churn out some duckspeak in response to my column on "Impeachment or Insurrection."
James Kirkpatrick, a writer for the white nationalist website VDARE (home of former National Review columnist John Derbyshire and racist conservative strategist Steve Sailer) argued last week that if the GOP fails to impeach President Obama over his executive action on immigration, nativist Republicans should form a third party along the lines of the fiercely anti-immigrant United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP).  ['Impeach or Insurrection': VDARE Writer Calls for Nativist Third Party If GOP Fails to Impeach Obama, by Miranda Blue, Right Wing Watch, November 24, 2014, links in original]
Look at all these fun terms to make the SWPLs shake in their New Balance running shoes!

"White nationalist," "racist conservative strategist," "nativist," and "fiercely anti-immigrant."

We'll have to come up with a VDARE.com drinking game soon.

But aside from the name calling and hand flapping, it's simply an excerpt.  So I thank Miss Blue for her dutiful recitation.

"The alternatives are clear—impeachment, or insurrection."  You bet.

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