Obama's Administrative Amnesty Is What Warrants Impeachment
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King Obama

H/T One Old Vet

Unfortunately the process Powerline’s John Hinderaker declared against on Saturday continues: excitement about the Obama scandals is sucking the oxygen out of the much more important Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration Bill coverage. I am told that the only mention on Rush Limbaugh on Monday came from yet more reruns of the disgustingly dishonest Zuckerberg/Rubio Ad. Happily Laura Ingraham had a better sense of perspective.

Much credit therefore is due to the new Drudge Report, which most of the day has carried Stephen Dinan’s devastating Washington Times piece  Labor union chief calls immigration bill dangerous, sees agency as ‘approval machine’

Kenneth Palinkas, president of the American Federation of Government Employees Council 119, which represents officers and staff at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, will deliver a damning critique of the Senate bill Monday...

“The culture at USCIS encourages all applications  to be approved, discouraging proper investigation into red flags and discouraging the denial of any applications,” his remarks say. “USCIS has been turned into an ‘approval machine.’”

Mr. Palinkas says the bipartisan “Gang of Eight” senators who wrote the Senate bill never talked to the USCIS and that the legislation is riddled with special-interest loopholes and shirks security checks.

There is talk about impeachment of Obama over the IRS/AP/Benghazi issues. This is what should trigger impeachment:

Chief among the USCIS union’s worries is the way the administration has handled President Obama’s non-deportation policy for “Dreamers” — illegal immigrants who arrived as children and who the Obama administration has said should not be deported...

Last year, Mr. Obama announced a policy titled Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals that grants a two-year stay of deportation and work permits.

The latest statistics show that the administration is approving almost every application it receives: 99.2 percent of all applications decided through the end of April, according to numbers released Friday.

Remember this maneuver was a blatant defiance of Congress about which the Republican leadership took a dive as they have  mysteriously done probably for unsalubrious reasons throughout the Obamacrat’s implementation of Administrative Amnesty.

A despotic monarch ruling by decree and prone to trampling on the laws of the nation is precisely what Congress was designed to prevent. They flinched.

These lesser scandals are just consequences of that failure.

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