Obamacrat Youth Amnesty: "We Want To Maximise Participation" (Tough Luck, American Workers)
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Open Borders Beauties: U.S. C&IS Director Mayorkas and HS Secretary Napolitano

H/T One Old Vet, for choosing the only incisive report of a press briefing held (thoughtfully, on a summer Friday) by Cuban-born U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Alejandro Mayorkas to celebrate the Obamacrat Youth Amnesty: Obama immigration policy opens work permit door to ID thieves, jailed illegals, uninsured drivers By Neil Munro The Daily Caller 08/03/2012

The White House immigration policy would not prevent illegal aliens who have committed identity theft or have been driving cars without licenses from obtaining work permits, an administration official told reporters during a press conference on Friday.

It will also be extended to some illegals already in jail and to some who have already been approved for deportation by judges, he said.

Many other accounts have stressed the Administration’s self-serving assertion that the total involved would be 800,000. Munro punched through that:

The official did not place a limit on the number of work permits that will be granted to illegals, despite the nation’s record level of 23 million unemployed, underemployed or disheartened workers.

“We want to maximize participation,” said the official…”, “we have not done an independent assessment of the volume,”

Most people giving a party try to guess how many people might come. But the Obamacrats don’t care. The U.S. Taxpayer – and the US worker - will pay for it.

 A pleasant aspect of this scandalous business is that it has galvanized the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) out of their normal ineffectuality as I have previously noted. Perhaps President Dan Stein has spent so many years working with Congress that the Constitutional short circuiting involved annoys him – if so, he is quite right.

FAIR was fast on the draw on Friday with a powerful press release DHS Amnesty Outline Guidelines Shed Light on the Open-ended Nature of this Illegal Power Grab. This seems to have been picked up precisely one (1) newspaper, The Sacramento Bee.

Calling the

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) "outline" for implementing deferred action for millions of illegal aliens, "further evidence of the Obama administration's determination to carry out a massive amnesty for illegal aliens through illegal and unilateral action."

FAIR correctly added

"In addition to a massive amnesty that Congress never legislated, the announcement that work authorization will be granted to anyone who can 'demonstrate an economic necessity to work' – in other words virtually everybody – is a unilateral move on the part of the Administration to nullify a critical immigration law Congress did enact,"

"With today's announcement, the pretense that the Obama administration is merely exercising discretion is gone. This is legislating, plain and simple, and it is stealing from the American people and Congress the power that is rightfully theirs…

"Unfortunately, our constitutional system doesn't provide a lot of protection for the American people when a chief executive abandons his oath of office to uphold the laws of the land. The constitutional system has been thrown into chaos by a president who is ignoring his responsibilities to carry out the federal law,"

VDARE.com does not agree with this last point: the remedy is plain. And it is time for FAIR to say so.

And ask the next logical question: Where is the GOP?

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