E. W. Jackson, Dave Weigel, And The "Soft Bigotry Of Low Expectations"
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When I saw this on Tweet on my iPhone, I had to click through to get the name and picture of the Republican Candidate who was being called a "crazypants preacher", so I expected normal Christian-bashing. It's actually racism.

What I see when I click through is slightly different than what I see in the embed above:

The YouTube Preacher

How can Virginia’s GOP choose someone as crazy as E.W. Jackson to be lieutenant governor?

All of these men have weird beliefs and preaching styles. I'm not talking about their personal lives, political beliefs or financial affairs here—I'm talking about their Christian preaching. That's because they're all black preachers. I assume that Bishop Jackson's problem is that he is a black preacher, too.

Because he's black, he's given a pass by the GOP committees. Because he's Republican, he's a legitimate target for Slate.








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