Brooks Brothers Race Riot—Retailer Biting The Hand That Fed It Since 1818
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As their sponsorship of the movie The Great Gatsby epitomizes, Brooks Brothers has long been known as the preferred clothing brand for the WASP establishment.

As conservatives like to pretend they are running the country, it remains their favorite brand. Real WASP patricians like George H.W. Bush were heckled as “Brooks Brothers Republican” (to which Bush famously opened his jacket to reveal he was wearing a suit from the even WASPier, albeit Jewish owned, J Press), and the media dubbed the protests of the Florida recount by Republicans during the 2000 election the “Brooks Brothers Riot.”

With this brief background in mind, consider this Brooks Brothers ad entitled “American Dream.”

In this series of videos, various Americans express their dreams while wearing Brooks Brothers clothes. First is a white man saying that “my dream is to see my kids become citizens of the world.” Next is an Indian family, I honestly can’t understand their names, and it is likely that the children were born in America, but were not given American names.They show an Indian Family whose daughter says she wants to be “the first woman president” (bad news for Hillary) and son is going to be “the next Steve Jobs.” 

So this is the American Dream as envisioned by Brooks Brothers: whites Americans who established the country giving up their American identity, and non-whites running it.

It’s also worth considering that the significance of the Indian family was to suggest that Brooks Brothers embodies assimilation into Anglo-American culture. If the little girl is going to become the first Woman president she would have to be born in America, absent constitutional Amendment. So either she is not eligible to become president or else her parents decided to give her a non-Anglo name despite knowing she would be an American.

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