Obama: Brown Christians worth addressing - but not White.
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President Obama’s Friday morning speech on immigration reform seriously underwhelmed the Treason Lobby. The Los Angeles Times initially had the temerity to headline their story Obama is vague about immigration reform timeline — following the link to it now goes to the more Obama-friendly lead Immigration reform to get a quiet kickoff by Peter Wallstein June 20 2009 which seems to be the same story. The problem is succinctly stated:

The biggest obstacle to speedy passage of a citizenship plan, according to interviews with lawmakers and Capitol Hill strategists, is the House. Democrats hold a wide majority there, but at least 40 members represent moderate or conservative swing districts with few Latino voters where legalization plans are unpopular and often derided as "amnesty" for lawbreakers.

"This a very, very difficult issue," said Rep. Jason Altmire, a Democrat elected in 2006 from rural western Pennsylvania. "The Democratic Party is doing everything they can to capture this very fast-growing community, and I understand that. But I'm not in that camp. I made it clear that I was going to take a very hard line on this, and my district takes a hard line."

In one term, Altmire, from the state’s 4th District, has earned a B+ from the invaluable NumbersUSA rating service. No Pennsylvania Democrat matches this: several Republicans are lower.

Matthew Chapter 7 Verse 20

However, what caught my eye was the venue: the National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast, which is part of a Conference put on by Esperanza, generally thought to be the biggest Hispanic Evangelical organization. (VDARE.com rumination: Not what the Roman Catholic Church looked for when it committed to knee-jerk immigration boosterism. Did the Obama’s advisors realize he is effectively endorsing the competition?)

Ah — forget it — they probably don’t know there is a difference.

The central question, though, is why did Obama attend this event, only a few weeks after he declined to observe the National Day of Prayer at the White House —and did not even send a representative to the Congressional event, for the first time since 1993?

Alas, the reason is clear. For Obama, as Steve Sailer has documented (see America's Half Blood Prince Chapter 8), religion is an aspect of racial expression. Wanting to communicate with another tribe, he attended — and with appalling bad taste discussed a totally non-spiritual but ethnically important issue.

The Sotomayor nomination was conclusive: Obama puts race above everything. He slighted the National Prayer Breakfast because he dislikes White American Christians — and does not want to talk to them.

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