Schwarzenegger To Return Immigrant Prisoners To Mexico Before They Finish Their Sentences
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Useless Governor Arnold wants save a few million dollars by releasing illegal alien prisoners to Mexico, etc., where they will most certainly be released and many will simply return to the United States to commit more crimes.
With California slipping into a financial sinkhole, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is proposing to save more than $180 million by cutting short the sentences of thousands of immigrants in the state's prisons and turning them over to federal authorities for deportation. [...]

The state's plan would involve as many as 19,000 inmates. Those among them who committed sex offenses or violent crimes would not be eligible for early release, Page said Friday.

Nearly 65,000 immigrants—most of them in the U.S. illegally—are serving time in the U.S. for state crimes. [...]

Since more than 70 percent of California's immigrant inmates are from Mexico, deporting them would typically involve putting them on a bus. [...]

Most of these released inmates are unlikely to serve additional time once they are home. That is one reason governors of some states are not about to follow Schwarzenegger's example. [Calif. looks to immigrant inmates to save costs, June 19, 2009 ]

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