NYT: "What if Mexico Still Included California, Nevada and Texas?"
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From the New York Times:

What if Mexico Still Included California, Nevada and Texas?

If you want to see what California would look like if it were ruled by Mexico, first visit San Diego:

and then visit Tijuana:

Apparently, San Diego got all the Magic Dirt, while Tijuana got all the Tragic Dirt.

Seriously, from the L.A. Times:

A record 2,518 people were killed here in 2018 — nearly seven times the total in 2012. With 140 killings per 100,000 people, Tijuana is now one of the deadliest cities in the world.

Across the border in San Diego, there were 34 homicides last year, or just over 2 killings per 100,000 people.

Building a big Wall in San Diego in the 1990s to stop it from being overrun nightly by illegal aliens did wonders for the city.

Back to the NYT:

Tomas van Houtryve followed Mexico’s long-forgotten northern boundary to meet families who have lived in the region, now forming part of the United States, for centuries.

Of course, their ancestors didn’t live in Mexico for centuries, they only lived in Mexico for about a quarter of a century. Most of them refuse to call themselves “Mexicans,” preferring names like Spanish, Californios, Tejanos, etc.

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