NYT Owns Trump On GAME OF THRONES Wall...Not!
January 05, 2019, 12:24 PM
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From the New York Times:

‘Game of Thrones’ Does Not Say What Donald Trump Thinks It Does

By James Poniewozik, Jan. 4, 2019

… Thursday, on his Instagram account, he rolled out the sequel: “The Wall Is Coming,” with the president giving an Ice King stare over a rendering of a spiky barrier.

It was, superficially, an apt use of imagery. HBO’s epic does feature a massive border wall, stretching across the border wastes of the fantasy realm of Westeros. The slight problem — spoiler alert for anyone who isn’t caught up, including, apparently, the entire White House staff — is that at the end of the most recent season that wall spectacularly collapsed, done in by the (blue) fire and fury of a zombie dragon.

So there.

All any migrant needs is a 51 foot ladder and a zombie dragon, and the wall won’t last more than 8,000 years. LOL, Drumph!

However, while Game of Thrones is all very fine, the truly decisive question is: What does Harry Potter have to say about walls?

Wrath of Gnon thinks he knows:

Dave Weigel has a broader point of view:

Real life countries in which a giant wall is effective at holding back a threat:

  • Israel
  • Moroccan West Sahara
  • India
  • Finland


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