NYT: North American Glaciers Provide "Billions" (SIC!) with Drinking Water...?
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Who knew there were billions of people in North America? Or is that the expected population of North America once all the racists who believe in borders are dealt with?

It’s fascinating how Climate Change and Migration are concepts in wholly separate silos in the MSM mind.

I’m no expert, but I take the idea of Global Warming seriously because it appears that glaciers in both Europe and the United States have visibly receded over my lifetime. So have exotic glaciers in the tropics, such as the ones on the highest mountain in New Guinea, next to the giant gold mine.

But, North America is remarkably lacking in rivers in populated areas that are heavily glacier-fed. The Yukon certainly is, but it’s of little importance to human beings. The Mississippi above St. Louis is entirely non-glacier fed, as is the Ohio, Tennessee, and the Hudson. Glaciers are of quite minor importance to the amount of water in the Colorado River, and only slightly more in the Columbia and Missouri.

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