NYT: Making Babies Embodies the Extortions of Capitalism, the Misogyny of Violence Against Women, the Racist and Xenophobic Erasure of Nonwhite Families, and the Homophobic Hatreds That Pervade So Much of Everyday Life
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From a New York Times Book Review:

Are Straight People OK? And Other Questions About Love and Sexuality

By Haley Mlotek
Oct. 9, 2020

…[Tragedy of Heterosexuality author Jane] Ward [Email her] distinguishes straightness as a practice from straight culture, which is the very heart of society’s most disgraceful failures. It is not, as one popular joke goes, that straight people are “not OK.” It is that heteronormativity creates a powerful, privileged form of sexuality against which, historically and currently, all other forms are compared. In examining the pressure to partner with the opposite gender we find the extortions of capitalism, the misogyny of violence against women, the racist and xenophobic erasure of nonwhite families, and the homophobic hatreds that pervade so much of everyday life.

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